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Exit Strategy & Covid-19 Policy



An ESCP Policy stands for Exit-Strategy and Covid Policy and is a unique policy document to our club’s governing body that sets out how we as a club intend to emerge from lock-down and run Covid-aware martial arts classes for our members.

This policy may evolve from time to time, but we ask all students and parents to read it fully and ask any questions where you are unsure both now and upon any republishing when changes are made.

It is critically important you take the time to ensure you are acquainted with our main form of communication, shown below. This is the only communication channel we will guarantee to be up to date to the best of our abilities and will form a major channel for us to communicate with you on key matters.

Policy Version. 1.01.    

Last Updated: 04/06/2020


Primary Communication

In order to allow us to keep you properly updated throughout unfolding events, including to update you on any possible last minute alterations and cancellations, as well as policy changes by Government or our Governing Body that may affect the way we run classes we will select one primary form of communication. 

Whilst we may be active on Facebook, Instagram and our Website it is not possible to ensure a consistent and constantly up to date position across all platforms. Therefore, we will only be able to guarantee our primary communication channel, which is E-Mail or Newsletter. closely for any communications from us. Please also ensure we have your up to date contact details on file (or that you follow our page, page and check this before attending a class etc if you choose a different form of communication etc).

Going forward, whilst we may update more than one social media and communication channel with news and developments, we will maintain this chosen primary communication channel as our club’s main voice to you for updates, last minute changes or other major news.

Please speak with us as soon as possible if you think this form of communication may pose a problem or if you are not sure if your contact details are up to date.


Maximum Class Sizes & Visitors

In response to COVID-19 we will need to monitor class sizes closely for safety and infection control. For the following venues, the following class sizes will be the maximum number of students and, where applicable, spectators at any one time.

We will liaise directly with you/parents on how we plan to allocate or schedule training to allow everyone access.


Drop Off & Collection

In order to ease over-crowding at our venues and to help us maintain social distancing, we need to enforce a temporary change to our drop off and collection policy. From now on, please ensure you arrive fifteen minutes early for your class and form a socially distanced queue outside the venue, waiting for the instructor to signal it is safe to enter.

It is very important you follow any instructions or signage at the venue and that you allow plenty of time to drop off and collect your child from class. Please communicate with us in advance if you need alternative arrangements made.



Payments & Administration

To help maintain social distancing as best possible, we aim to provide contactless payment methods including pre-payment online. We also intend to move as much administration as possible to an online basis. We will communicate with you about any changes to the way you pay class fees or complete important documents, such as your student license renewals.


Remote Lessons

To help us continue to add value to your club membership and to enable you to make the most of your time with Rawlings Martial Arts Academy we endeavour to continue offering live lessons via zoom.



Coronavirus will mean changes to the way the club’s insurance works as well as the way any applicable student insurance is effective. Rest assured we remain fully insured as appropriate and directed by our Governing Body and any cover you have with membership remains fully active. 

A major condition is that there will be no liability accepted for any parties, arising as a direct result of Coronavirus (Covid-19, also known as SARS-2). Please ensure you have suitable alternative arrangements in place for cover required arising from any Covid-19 risks relating to your training. If you are not sure what this means, please speak with us as soon as practical.

Please note, for all online and remote learning, any student personal accident insurances will not be applicable as it is occurring outside of the dojo and other insurance restrictions may be enforced by the insurer as appropriate, noting the change to learning environments. Please be assured that all standard cover is in place for usual circumstances.

We will continue to liaise with our insurers and will keep you updated on any further relevant changes. 


Social Distancing

It remains Government Guidance that social distancing must be adhered to in a public place. This currently requires distancing of at least 2 meters at all times. We will risk assess social distancing where possible and will take steps to ensure this is followed during class. This will include, but is not limited to;

  • Clear signage 

  • Reminders via our communication channels

  • Tape or other markers on the ground to show directions of travel or placements for students


Social Distancing is going to be particularly challenging for our younger students, so we ask that you please speak with your Children in advance and request that they do their utmost best to follow guidance from their instructor.

As with all aspects of public-life, we cannot guarantee a completely distanced experience within our club but we will endeavour to do all possible to adhere to Government Guidelines at all times.



In line with guidance from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) and our Association (the British Martial Arts & Boxing Association) the use of shared equipment is strictly prohibited during all of our classes.

Where we usually provide equipment (such as gloves etc) we are recommended to try and minimise such provisions wherever possible. This means you should, where possible, attend with your own protective equipment and training aids. We can discuss with you what this might be and where you can obtain these items. This is for your own protection and hygiene.

Where it is unavoidable and our equipment is to be used, we will thoroughly disinfect all equipment before and after use with an antibacterial solution. You must not share equipment on this basis – it must be kept by you throughout the lesson and returned with the instructor’s acknowledgement at the end of your session. This will help us keep all equipment as sterile and clean as possible.


First Aid 

Your instructor will continue to provide emergency first aid as usual and where required. We ask that you please consider whether you would prefer to self-treat basic and minor abrasions and bumps etc, under the guidance of a qualified instructor.

Where we must provide first aid to you, we will endeavour to use gloves and a mask to reduce the risk of infection. Please be aware that depending on the nature of your injury we may not have the time to undertake thorough distancing measures before giving emergency treatment. Speak with us in advance if this may be of a concern to you.


Syllabus & Grading

Under the specialist guidance of our Association we have decided to run an adapted syllabus for the duration of social distancing, as a number of techniques would be unsafe to perform at close quarters. The adapted syllabus is designed to ensure you get the most from your training and still have the best opportunity to develop as a martial artist along an accepted route of techniques and training.



We will be following BMABA policy and guidance on the matter, but intend to;

  • Adapt our syllabus to make it safe and appropriate for distanced classes, focusing on techniques that are relevant to your overall progression and working to improve technical ability as much as possible ready for contact training to resume.

  • We will provide an accrued grading system which is fully endorsed by BMABA. This means we will not grade during the pandemic – or at least not for the foreseeable future – as distancing will make the integrity of the grading difficult to maintain as techniques will need to be removed. Instead, any time spent training with us can be used to perform a ‘bulk grading’ when distancing measures relax meaning you will not be adversely affected in terms of belts or progression. We will simply make up the difference with a double or triple etc grading when government guidance permits. 

  • We will discuss all of this with our students and parents over the coming weeks and welcome questions you may have.

  • We will be led by our Governing Body to ensure your grades and hard work progressing within ‘MARTIAL ART’ are fully recognised and ratified.



Designated Club Covid-Contact

For the duration of Coronavirus we have a dedicated Covid-Contact. They will be responsible for adapting and evolving our Coronavirus policies to adhere to new rules and to help us ease back to ‘normality’ as restrictions lift. They will also be best placed to follow evolving guidance from Government and BMABA on how to keep our training as safe as possible. This person has undergone the BMABA Covid-Aware Martial Arts Readiness Award For Instructors.

You should speak directly with them on any matters relating to Covid-19 and how this affects your martial arts, including safety concerns or additional requirements you might need.



Your club Covid-Contact is;

Mr Rawlings

Chief Instructor




Our respect for and adherence to strict Safeguarding measures remains unchanged throughout Coronavirus. Inline with BMABA regulation, Safeguarding is still our top priority and we will stop at nothing to ensure our young persons / adults at risk are properly protected. You should continue following any safeguarding guidance as appropriate just as you usually would, and concerns should still be raised with us or the authorities in the usual way. To clarify, our Safeguarding Officer is Mr Rawlings and can be contacted on contact details with any concerns. If you have concerns that can not be raised at club level please our association, BMABA, on for confidential support. Please take the time to re-acquaint yourself with the BMABA national safeguarding policy. In an emergency or where you feel someone is in immediate danger please contact the Police on 999.


Outdoor Training

We may make use of the Government’s policy that permits outdoor training. This is subject to a separate risk assessments and internal viability determinations. We will clarify and provide further details to our members via our primary communication channel. Please contact us for further details.



Final Considerations

It is imperative that you remember that Rawlings Martial Arts Academy, whilst doing everything within our power to adhere to guidance and keep you safe, can make no guarantees regarding our ability to prevent Coronavirus from infiltrating a club structure. This is in part due to symptoms taking up to 7 days to show in some infected people.

If you are of particular high-risk status please consult official guidance or your GP before attending and speak with our instructor to discuss any specific concerns or requirements.

There is a risk to all participants, just as there is within the wider community, whilst Coronavirus remains in transmission. We will, however, do everything we can to control the risk of the virus within our club. By continuing your training with us you must understand that you are giving your informed assumption to those risks.

Thank you for your help and co-operation. We are always open to questions or queries on this policy or anything else relating to your membership with us.

We look forward to working with you over the coming weeks and months.

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